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10 Best Toys To Get Your Dog For Christmas: Moderate Chewers

Hey, VetKidz! Christmas is right around the corner, believe it or not. A lot of pet parents like to get their dogs presents so it’s important to find something any dog will like. Today we’re talking about moderate chewers. Moderate Chewers like occasional plush toys but enjoy firmer toys. Before we get started, please take a moment to pin this to your Dogs Board so another pet parent can find the best Christmas present for their dog.

This is The Chew Scale. It determines what kind of chewer your dog is and what kind of toys they enjoy. 

Today we’re dealing with moderate chewers. Hmm. They enjoy firmer toys.

10 Best Christmas Presents for Moderate Chewers

  1. BARK Super Chewer Fully Loaded Hot Dog toy. Uh, wow! It’s a hot dog! It’s chewy! It holds treats! It’s fun to play with and looks yummy. You can get it here!
  2. Nylabone Edible Souper Dog Treat Peanut Butter. Delicious Peanut butter, tasty treat, what’s not to love? This makes a great Christmas present for peanut butter lovers. You can pick one up here!
  3. KONG Tires Dog Toy. This is NOT for high chewers. Just our moderate chewers! KONG tires are so fun to play with and SUPER durable. You can fetch them. You can chew them. You can do it ALL with KONG tires! And you can get it right here
  4. BARK Super Chewer Werewoof Toy. This is SO fun. It has a Rip N’ Reveal layer so when your dog rips one layer, there’s another. There’s a rock n’ wobble base with unpredictable movements. You can pick one up here.
  5. BARK Super Chewer Drumstick Dog Toy. This looks so yummy that I’m craving chicken. Dogs will have so much fun with this chew. Plus, it’s super durable! You can get it here!
  6. Leaps & Bounds Chicken-Scented Turkey Leg Dog Chew Toy. Please, just ONE more chicken-related toy? Ok, this turkey leg’s squeaker echoes! It smells like chicken! It’s a bit small… It’s a super chewer, so it’s extra durable! Pups that like chicken will think this is a great Christmas Present. Did I mention it’s squeaker echoes? Oh, I did? Okay, well, you can get it right here and see for yourself. 
  7. Tuffy’s Pink Leopard Ring Dog Toy. It’s so ‘tuff”! This toy is excellent for your little chewer. They’re hard to destroy and come in so. Many. Colors. What more could you want out of a dog toy? Maybe a bunch of squeakers? Well, this Tuffy toy has that too! And I’m sure it’s durable because it just so happens that I got this for a HIGH chewer, and it lasted so long! You can get it and all it’s tuff-ness right here!  
  8. PetSafe Freezable Treat Holding Chilly Penguin Dog Toy. This is so cute and so fun. You can fill it with peanut butter or chunks of your homemade dog treats, or just… regular dog treats! 😁 This is freezable, so in the summer, your pupper can chill out with his frozen goodie! You can get it right here
  9. PetSafe Squeak ‘n Treat Ninja Star Dog Chew Toy. This is great because, yes, it fills with treats, but mostly because it’s tough, it squeaks, and it randomly dispenses treats to slow down eating and encourage playing! Get it here!
  10. BARK Super Chewer Sven the Hedgie Dog Toy. This is great for moderate chewers. If your dog loves to fetch, you should include this in his/her list to Santa Paws! It’s really tough and fun to play with. Get it here today! This makes a great Christmas Present.

I have a surprise for you!
Us humans love getting dressed up for Christmas. That’s why I put this dog sweater and these ties on the list. 

I have another surprise for you!
A letter from Santa Paws!!! This is a great family tradition for you and your dog! 
Here’s how: Click this link. You can’t edit this, so print it and fill in the blank lines with your information and the Christmas Presents you think your pooch will like.  😁

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