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10 Easy DIY Dog (and cat) Halloween Costumes

With COVID, for some people, money’s tight. Sometimes we don’t have the time to hunt down the local pet store to find a nice pet costume, or want something in particular. So when you can’t buy a costume for your pooch (or feline) or just want to try your hand at making one, I’m here to help! 10 fun Halloween costumes for your pet! But, before you read on, please take a moment to pin this to your Pets board.

The first paw-stume is a nice little sushi! 

1. First, find a nice, fluffy white blanket or throw. Put it on your pet’s back with nothing hanging over the sides.

2. Second, get a burgundy or orange pillow and put it on top of the throw. Secure it with a thick black ribbon.

The second paw-stume is a superpet! 

1. First, find some kind of brightly colored fabric from around your house, and tie it around the pet’s neck as a cape, but not too tight! You could also secure it to your pet’s collar. You could add a superhero emblem to it if desired.

2. Second, make a felt mask. Not the kind of mask we had to wear all year, but a superhero mask! Just cut it to a good size for your pet’s face. Tie it around the pet’s head. 

The third Paw-stume is for those dogs or cats that do not like clothes. 

1. First, cut out, felt bat wings. 

2. Second, secure them to a collar.

The fourth Paw-stume is a ghost! Have a big dog? Need a costume? That’ll keep it simple.

1. First, grab an old T-shirt. 

2. Second, use fabric markers, Sharpies, or fabric paint to draw a ghost face on it.

Anyone else like those cute TY stuffies? Make your furry friend look like one with some cardstock for Halloween paw-stume number 5!

1. Grab a nice big piece of cardstock and draw a heart on it. Color it red but leave space for the white TY on it! If you just colored it in, you could use liquid Wite-Out or white paint to make the TY.

2. Attach it to a collar or stick it onto your pet with some string.

Halloween Pawstume 6 is a bar of Twix! (literally.)

This costume idea could use sewing. Adult supervision is required.

You will need to sew, or fabric glue, many pieces of brown felt together to fit your pet. This works better on smaller breeds like dachshunds. You can use adhesive foam letters or more felt to make the word TWIX on the pet.

Empty bread bag lying around the house? How about an empty bread bag and a willing dachshund? Halloween Costume 7 is brewing! 

All you have to do is cut leg and tail holes in the bag! 

Mario fan? Well, make your furry bro (or sis) a toad (or toadette)! Costume 8!

Using instructions from will make it totally easy to make your pet the best Toad (or Toadette) that they can be!

Zelda fans, let’s hear it for Link the… pet? Halloween Costume 9!

All you need is a bit of foam or felt to make any pet a Hyrulean pet.

1. First, cut out a shield shape on some felt or foam. You can use my template. The labels on the template show you what colors to put where*. *Pro Tip! Cut separate parts for the gray, triforce, triangle, and Loftwing!  

Last but not least, how about the Chick-fil-A cow?! I put this one, especially for my dad, who is obsessed with Chick-Fil-A! (Dad, if you’re reading this, you know it’s true!) 

Using instructions from will make it so easy to make your pet into a Chick-fil-A cow.

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