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5 Ways To Bond With Your Dog

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So, you got a dog. Congratulations! But now you feel like it wants absolutely nothing to do with you. 2 things I have to tell you about that. One: You’re not alone. Two: Read on to find out how to bond with your dog, please! Before you begin, please take a moment to pin this to your Dogs Board.

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5 Ways To Bond With Your Dog

1. Teach your dog to play fetch!

Have you taught your dog to play fetch yet? You haven’t!? Fetch is the one game that almost every dog learns to play at some point in their lives. You can use any toy your dog likes, any reward method you want! Fetch helps your dog bond with you and trust you. It makes you the alpha, or the pack leader because you start and end the game of fetch. It also helps your dog bond with you.

2. Spend more time together!

If you spend the whole day doing things that don’t include your dog, he might try to stay out of the way after a while. That’s not good for your relationship. If you have a busy schedule, why not try cutting out a certain time every day to play with your dog. Maybe after dinner, you can play together for an hour. Or in the afternoon, you can go swimming together. Or in the morning, you can play before you start your schedule. It’ll surely help you two bond.

3. Play with your dog!

The best way to bond with your dog is to play with it. Teach your dog to play with its toys and put them back in their bin, play tug-o-war, play fetch, play anything you can play. Then go for a nice long walk.

4. Read together!

Ummmm. What did I just read? READ TO MY DOG?! Really? Yes. Build a reading nook. Bring a cuddle toy. Bring some fun books. The button below links to a great way to keep your dog calm and comfortable during reading time.

5. Teach your dog tricks!

Teaching your dog tricks is fun and engaging for you and the dog. Remember to take breaks!

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