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8 Signs Your Dog Is Dying

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I remember when my dog died. He couldn’t breathe right anymore. Does your dog have an illness or is getting old? Are you wondering if it’s time to start saying goodbye? If you are, read on to see 8 signs your dog is dying. Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this to your Dogs board.

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8 Signs Your Dog Is Dying

1. Loss of appetite

If your dog suddenly doesn’t want to eat, not even treats, little bits of kibble, or table scraps, it is a sign that it might be time to start saying goodbye. He won’t drink, he won’t eat. Why? This is because his kidneys and his liver are shutting down.

8 Signs Your Dog Is Dying

2. Tiredness

If your dog won’t budge from the same old spot or can’t even lift his head, he could be dying. However, it isn’t a definite death sentence. Sometimes dogs will act like this if they’ve been overworked, so you should always talk to your vet.

8 Signs Your Dog Is Dying

3. Hiding

This is something dogs did in the wild. They would hide from predators when they were sick to protect themselves. Now, you are not a predator to your dog, don’t worry. They could be trying to hide that they are not feeling well; that is what they did in the wild.

8 Signs Your Dog Is Dying

4. Having issues with moving

Your dog now cannot walk from one place to the other. He might be falling and tripping a lot more, or just stay in one spot and not move. This is because your dog’s brain is no longer working well and you should start preparing.

8 Signs Your Dog Is Dying

5. Loss of bathroom control

Your dog now cannot control his peeing and pooping. He goes in random spots around the house. It’s because now your dog is losing control of the muscles to control his pee and poop.

Golden Retriever Shaking Water Off

6. Shaking

Your dog is just trembling. He won’t stop shaking, and it is making you feel bad for the poor thing. It’s because your dog’s digestive system no longer functions correctly. He will experience a drop in blood sugar levels.

Dalmatian Having A Hard Time Breathing

7. Difficulty Breathing.

In the last moments of your dog’s life, he will experience difficulty breathing. It’s time to say your last goodbyes.

Sad Gray Dog

8. Lack of interest

This is likely the first thing you would notice. Your dog doesn’t care about food, toys, or treats, he doesn’t spend time with you and your family, and he doesn’t want to do his favorite things.

8 Signs Your Dog is Dying

Now, don’t jump to conclusions. Many of these symptoms can be seen with certain illnesses that are actually curable!

But you should, of course, go with your gut. If you know that your dog is on his way out, and you want to be sure, you can remember the symptoms listed.

Save room for hope! Prepare for bad but always, always have room for hope.

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