Meet me, Isabella!

As owner and content creator here on VetKidz, I share information and activities for future vets, tips, techniques, facts, and printables to help kids be the best pet owner or vet they can be.

This is my story:

When I was born, we had a pet Maltese named Baby. “Dog” was the first word I said. At the age of 12, he passed away, I was about six years old, and I was devastated. It happened very suddenly, and I knew that I wanted to take care of animals.

I started slowly since I was only six years old. I read a lot of books and watched a lot of shows about animals. At around eight years old, I did a deep dive into learning about horses and even created a presentation to help teach others about them.

On my tenth birthday, I heard low cries that ended up coming from a stray kitten. We tried to help it find its mom and even tried to bring it to a local veterinarian. Finally, its mom came back and took her. I still wished I could keep her, but she was probably best with her mother, who could nurse and take care of her. 

It’s been slightly tricky the past year with COVID-19, getting out there, and volunteering, but I’ve been making the best of it. I’ve been experimenting in my kitchen, creating healthy, high-quality pet treats and providing them to the pets in my neighborhood. I’ve also been learning more and more about animal behavior and pet training. That’s when I started my blog. It was about May 2020. I started slowly, with a small blog called, and in December 2020, I moved to my new domain, I put everything I’ve learned and continue to learn and share with others here. Whether you are also interested in a career in the animal field or whether you just want to be the best pet owner they can be, there’s a post here for you. I’ve also been working on helping the pets in my extended family. Whether it’s pet sitting or help with training, I am the go-to animal helper in the family.

Now I’m eleven years old.

Why did I make VetKidz?

My mom has been a blogger for such a long time. I admired the way she had her own website where she shared so much cool stuff! She was my inspiration.

I also love making dog treats. I plan on selling some around my neighborhood, here in Brooklyn, New York, during the summertime. For now, I give them to friends and family.

Meet my family.

Anthony, my dad.

This is my dad, star photographer, and one of my top supporters. He is always there to help me fulfill my dreams. He is great at taking photos of anything, including my dog treats, wildlife, family, and Outer Space. He’s funny and really kind.

Christine, my mom.

This is my awesome homeschool teacher and mom, Christine. She is the owner and content creator of Blooming Brilliant, her blog. My mom helps me fulfill my dreams like my dad and helped me make my blog.  She is a great writer, and she is brilliant—blooming Brilliant.

AJ, my little brother

This is my 7-year-old brother, AJ. He loves all things Super Mario and lego. He loves playing video games on his Nintendo Switch, likes to swim and go underwater in the pool. His favorite things are his Mario legos, Nintendo Switch, and probably his Bowser’s Castle toy.

Molly, #1 taste tester

This is Molly. She is the first dog treat taste tester. So far, she’s a fan of all my treats. I hope it stays that way!  😉 She’s the #1 taste tester because she was the first to try my treats and was IN LOVE with them.

Kato, #2 taste tester

This is Kato. He’s the second dog treat taste tester. I think his favorites are the Pup-kin pie treats.

Enzo, the newest taste tester

This is Enzo. He’s a mixed-breed dog. He’s a little naughty. He was scared at first and hid in the corners of the house on Christmas, but a couple of treats and some cuddles gained his trust. He’s adorable and looks like a little scooby-doo in that picture.

Sophie, second-newest taste tester

This is Sophie, the second-newest taste tester! She’s a crazy girl, whenever she sees food she goes insane, but she’s still a sweet dog. She also had her first treat on Christmas eve. She’s very small but loved the treats I made.