Copy code Dogs & Fireworks: What You Need to Know Before The Fourth of July

Dogs & Fireworks: What You Need to Know Before The Fourth of July

Ahh, Independence Day. It’s coming, and fast! Fireworks are guaranteed on Independence Day, and Dogs & Fireworks don’t mix. Why? Read on to find out. Are you wondering how to keep your dogs calm this Independence Day? Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this to your Dogs board.

Dogs & Firew0rks: Why Don’t Dogs Like Them?

Fireworks are scary to dogs. They can’t predict when a firework will be shot, and the noise is so loud that it triggers the dog’s fight-or-flight response. One dog got so scared she lost her eyesight from them, and one puppy died of a heart attack thanks to fireworks. In fact, if you do just one firework show with your dog, they can be scarred for life, they may not even be able to function! Your dog may try to hide in the walls, start shaking, or run away from the BANG.

Dogs & Fireworks: What to do About it:

  1. Music to muffle. Play some music to muffle the noise of the fireworks.
  2. Security blanket. It may be comforting to have your dog snuggle a blanket.
  3. Curtain call! Close the windows and curtains to muffle the fireworks as much as possible.
  4. Walk in the day. Try to walk your dog in the daytime, when fireworks won’t necessarily be shot.
  5. Keep them indoors. When we are going to have fireworks being shot, keep your dog indoors and away from the windows.
  6. Let me hide! Let’s make a place your pet can hide if they want to. Find out how with this poster:
I also recommend the Thundershirt.  

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