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How to Calm Your Stressed Puppy

Is your puppy stressed? Does it cry all night and keep everyone in the house awake? Does it hate being left alone? Does it hate crate training? If you answered ‘yes‘ to any of these questions, please, read on. Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this to your Dogs board.

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How to Calm Your Stressed Puppy

  1. Dogs are natural pack animals so, he/she may not be used to the feel of being without another dog next to him/her. That’s why I really recommend Snuggle Puppy. Snuggle Puppy has a real-feel heartbeat and comes with heat pads. It makes your puppy feel like it has someone else with him/her. Snuggle Puppy also comes in many colors so that it could match your pup.
  2. Make sure that their crate is cozy. Put pillows, a blanket, and their favorite toy in the crate, then let them curl up. What else is great is a tee-shirt or blanket that smells like you!
  3. Make sure that their crate is near your bed. Your dog may feel unsafe or scared if they are not by their parents. If your dog starts to fuss while it is by your bed, let them sniff your hand for security. 
  4. Take them for a quick bathroom walk before bedtime. Just like people, no one can sleep comfy if they have to go to the bathroom!
  5. Limit food and water before bed. At least an hour before bed, your dog shouldn’t eat or drink. It may make your dog hyper.
  6. Try playing calming music. Classical music is a good idea. Again, like babies, sometimes calm music helps them.
  7. Tucker them out. If you let your dog nap, then go to bed, they will be full of energy. Make sure to do a rough play session before bedtime.

Things You Should Avoid When Trying to Calm Your Stressed Puppy

  1. DON’T move their sleeping space. *Unless Necessary* Like with people, it can be hard to sleep in a new room, or a new area.
  2. DON’T leave the lights on. In fact, don’t turn the lights on after your dog is asleep unless it is absolutely, positively necessary. After your dog falls asleep, it stinks to wake them up all over again. And, if it’s bright in the room, it may seem like it’s still daytime, or just make it hard to sleep. 
  3. DON’T reward them for crying. If you run to your dog and cuddle them, they could think they should cry to get love and attention. Instead, if you take them out to potty, make sure they are silent for at least a second!
  4. DON’T use the crate as punishment. If you do this, your dog may be scared of the crate and think that they are being bad and are being punished for, well, nothing but night! They will think that night is bad and start to act out during the night and dread going in the crate. 
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