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How to Get Your Dog to Look at The Camera for Pictures

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I don’t know about you, but I love taking pictures of my doggy friends. Whenever I go to visit, I bring my camera to photograph them. I mean, who wouldn’t love saving memories of their favorite fluffy friends? Now, my Shih Tzu friend Molly is a natural model. A doggy model. She literally stays still and looks at the camera for pictures. (I’ve inserted a couple pictures of Molly inside this post!) But not all dogs are, *ahem*, the best at looking at the camera? Not, like, for long enough to actually get a good shot? If you want to take better pictures of your pooch, read on! Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this to your Dogs Board.

How To Get Your Dog To Look At The Camera For Pictures

So, first, you can always train your dog to look at the camera. This is easier to do when you just want to take pictures OF your dog and not WITH your dog.

First, hold up your phone in one hand and a treat in the other. When your dog looks at the treat, reward him with the treat and offer lots of praise.

Add in a word signal, like “Look” and follow the same steps as we showed before.

Eventually, you can take away the treat and just offer praise after the photo.

But How Do I Get My Dog To Look At The Camera If I Want To Take Selfies With Fido?

I really recommend trying Pooch Selfie. It’s a cell phone selfie stick that you can put a tennis ball in. It fits on your phone for selfies AND for taking portrait photos of your doggo!

And Those Pictures Of Molly I Promised?

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