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How to Teach Your Dog To Play Fetch

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Have you taught your dog to play fetch yet? You haven’t!? Fetch is the one game that almost every dog learns to play at some point in their lives. You can use any toy your dog likes, any reward method you want! Please keep reading to find out how to teach your dog to fetch. Before you read on, please take a moment to pin this to your Dogs Board.

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1. Choose a toy your dog likes.

It doesn’t matter what kind of toy it is, but make sure it’s something your dog enjoys. It’ll make it easier, trust me.

2. Start by dropping it.

First, show your dog his favorite toy until it gets excited and wants to take it. Then, command your dog to take it and let it grab the toy. Wait a few seconds and then command your dog to drop it. Your dog will probably not understand what drop it means. If that’s the case, hold out a treat near his nose to entice him to drop the toy. Once your dog drops the toy, reward it right away. Increase the amount of time he can hold it before the drop it command until he masters it. Then, throw the toy farther and farther, and you can move on to the next step.

3. Fetch!

First, throw your toy as usual. Put a treat in your hand before your dog comes back to encourage them to put it in your hand. When they do, click, treat, and do it again. Before you throw it, you can say Fetch! to associate the word fetch with the game.

How To Teach Your Dog To Fetch

Fetch helps your dog bond with you and trust you. It makes you the alpha, or the pack leader, because you start and end the game of fetch. It also helps your dog trust you.

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