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This is a page for my ideas, thoughts, and announcements!

I love posting new content for you guys, but sometimes I have a small idea I don’t think is worthy of a blog banner, alt text, pinterest pins, paragraphs of text, SEO checks and all that jazz. So I came up with the idea for News.

My Thoughts On Pit Bulls


When someone sees a Pit Bull, some of them probably think, ‘I wonder if he’ll hurt me, let’s stay away…‘. But when I see a Pit Bull, I also see beauty. I see power. And a Pit Bull’s power can be used for good.

BSL is Breed-Specific Legislation and it is wrong. It’s taking an innocent dog that never hurt anyone just because it’s a ‘Pit Bull’ and banning it from being here! It didn’t choose to be a pit bull. They should stop BSL, because you’re taking away an innocent dog’s chance of a home.

#AllDogsAreIndividuals #endbsl

VetKidz Is Undergoing Some Updates!


Be on the lookout for errors and glitches! VetKidz is undergoing some updates today!

Wait, what?

I update the front of the blog seasonally to give it that look, I was fidgeting around with the Post page and the News page to make it work… So just look out for errors. If you find one, reach out to!

VetKidz Presents Baby’s Blissful Barkery!


Baby’s Blissful Barkery is now my official dog treat business thing’s name!!! I am so excited to start selling healthy, all-natural dog treats here in Brooklyn, NY!

I plan on selling them on Etsy some time soon, so be on the lookout! I’ll update this with my Etsy page when I make it!

~Bella (VetKid)

Protect The Monarchs!


My grandma (not Lisa) loves Monarch Butterflies. They are her favorite type of butterfly. However, now they are endangered.

They are endangered mostly because of these reasons: The lack of the certain milkweed they lay their eggs on, deforestation in California and Mexico, and climate change. Cold, wet weather kills the poor butterflies and in the last 20 years or so, we lost 80% of their population.

~Isabella (VetKid)

#Monarchbutterfly #ClimateChange