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Shih Tzus Are Dumb and Other Dog Myths BUSTED

Have you heard the myth that Shih Tzus are dumb? Are you wondering if that is true? Today, VetKidz, we will bust, debunk, blast away 7 Dog Myths, including the big question: Are Shih Tzus Dumb? Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this to your Dogs Board.

Myth 1: Shih Tzus Are Dumb.

Shih Tzus are most definitely NOT dumb! They are simply stubborn. Some Shih Tzus have a hard time learning commands and get confused between them. Shih tzus are stubborn, and want to have things their way. Think of it in a human way. We all have ‘goals’ or things we want. Sometimes, people want us to do things that do not align with those ‘goals’. That’s how a Shih Tzu sees it. You ask it to sit, it has a ‘goal’ to stand. They can be disobedient, but are affectionate and understanding. They are independent. Not dumb, INDEPENDENT.

Myth 2: Dogs Are Colorblind.

I made this to show that dogs are not colorblind. If dogs were colorblind, the second picture would be in grayscale.

Dogs are not colorblind. How people came up with this myth, since they can’t go into their dogs’ eyes and see what they see, is a mystery. They see less colors, for example, green, orange and yellow are all yellow-ish. Purple is blue, teal is gray, white is cyan.

Myth 3: Dogs Eat Grass When They’re Sick.

This is another one of our dog myths and not a reliable theory. Sometimes dogs eat grass when they’re nauseous or sick, but sometimes they’re bored and have nothing better to do. Sometimes they think it is fun. If your dog shows REAL symptoms of illness: Pain, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, not eating, etc., then you can worry that your dog is sick. Here are the symptoms that your dog is dying.

Myth 4 : Dogs’ Mouths Are Cleaner Than Human Mouths.

No way! Dogs lick their and other dogs’ ‘downstairs area’ (eww) sometimes, eat poop, grass, anything they find on the ground, dog food, cat poop from the litter box… ew.

Myth 5: Dogs Pee on The Rug When They’re Mad at You.

Not quite. It’s not about anger. Usually they have bladder stones or an infection. They also might be stressed or anxious, or they’re claiming their territory.

Myth 6: Dogs Should Have One Litter Before Being Spayed.

Most people who believe this think their dog will feel sad if she doesn’t have puppies.

Humans feel that. Dogs can live life without offspring and be happy. If you wait until they have a litter, their chance of getting breast cancer and life-threatening uterus infections go up.

Myth 7: Dog Parks Are Super Safe and Healthy!

Noooope! They are fun, but sometimes dogs can get parasites like fleas, worms and ticks, and contract viruses like Parvo and Protozoa from contaminated water and dog poop. They can also get hurt if they get in fights. As long as you are aware of what your dog and dogs around you are up to, though, you should be fine.

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