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How to Keep Your Christmas Pet-Friendly

Christmas is coming and we love to celebrate the holiday! It is very important to know how to keep your Christmas pet-friendly. If you want to know how to keep safe this holiday season, read on! Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this to your Pets board.

How to keep your Christmas pet-friendly:

Remind little children not to feed pets anything but pet food.

Oftentimes, small kids don’t know not to feed pets anything but pet food. However, if there are immature or young children around, remind them to prevent your pets getting sick.

Consider keeping pets in a separate space.

With young people, lots of food, or unsafe things like chocolate or alcohol, if you have the space, consider keeping pets away from the drama. If you have food-aggressive or frightful dogs, bring a toy or something comforting along.

Keep clean.

At a party, you’re bound to have dropped food, spills, and messy accidents. Try to keep all meal-eating in the kitchen, and if snacks are available, try to keep pets away from food spaces. Consider teaching pets ‘drop it’ on the off chance that they do pick something up.

Don’t throw around wrapping paper.

Kids unwrapping presents often fling wrapping paper left and right, and this crunchy stuff is just begging your dog or cat to play with it. If they eat too much wrapping paper it can cause an obstruction and require surgery. You should also keep tape, packaging and ribbon away from dogs and cats as these things can harm them. Dump everything immediately in the trash, if possible.

Keep sweets away from pets.

Chocolate, turkey, table scraps, sweets and baked things are all unsafe for dogs to eat so keep them away from pets.

Christmas Tree Safety.

Christmas trees can topple if cats or dogs climb in it or play with the decorations on them. Consider tying the tree to the ceiling or securing it to a doorframe with fishing line. Don’t add aspirin, sugar, or anything to water if you have a living Christmas tree and pets. Ornaments that can be swallowed should be put higher up, and broken ones can cause injuries. Some that are eaten can even be toxic depending on the material, like homemade salt-dough ornaments. Tinsel and garland can look super yummy but can cause blockages.

Christmas Light Safety.

Christmas lights can cause burns or electric shocks if a curious puppy or kitted chews them. Festive plants like poinsettia, amaryllis, balsam, pine, cedar, and mistletoe are commonly eaten by pets and result in toxicity. Chewy has a list of unsafe Christmas plants.

Don’t leave pets alone with a candle.

Candles are beautiful to humans and pets. Leaving pets alone with them could result in a fire.

Watch the doors!

Even the best of dogs and cats can walk out if other people are. Don’t leave doors open and get your pet microchipped and have them wear a collar with a tag.

If You Leave, Unplug!

If you leave the house unplug electrical decorations, in case your pet decides to chew them.

Be aware of food allergies and aggression.

If others are bringing pets, make sure your pets get along. Ask if they have allergies so you know not to feed them something or keep food containing that away. Perhaps you could make some Christmas cookies?

How to keep your Christmas Pet-Friendly

It can be fun to have pets at your Christmas celebration! But what won’t be fun is a trip to the pet ER. It is very important to know how to keep your Christmas pet-friendly! I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading.

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